LMM18 Design Philosophy

Art Director: Sana Nasir


The artwork for Lahore Music Meet 2018 is derived from the audio cassette, not just the physical plastic casing or its function but what it symbolizes for the people of this region. I wanted to show a deep and nostalgic connection we have to our musical past and how it has continued to grow into our lives. This took me back to my Sony walkman days when we all had libraries of shelves lined with audio cassettes. When listening to a song on repeat meant expertly rewinding back in time to get to that exact pause before the song began, recording mix tapes on the deck, digging through the car dashboard to find a mix to play on road trips, tightening loose tape with pencils, gleefully discovering and memorizing bonus lyrics in the fold out album covers. Music had a physical presence in our lives and though the culture of tapes is dwindling, it has not yet died out while we still find them in unexpected places all around us just like signs of our history.
Going back to the significance of the low tech audio cassette for inspiration is like still discovering these tapes stashed away like old friends who saw me through my childhood, teen years and most of my parents and grandparents lives. We were all touched by music, stories and the joy packed into these plastic rectangles. They brought us on the same par, everyone had them and had their favorites. They are markers of our past, culture and irrevocably still entwined in our lives. Pakistan has still not let go of the humble audio cassette but what we've really held on to is the love for music and all the forms it has taken through the years.
In its 4th year, LMM has evolved into just such a symbol for music lovers from all over the country. Rewind to the nostalgic days of classical music, stop and take a breather in the different eras of sound that have pulsed through our lives and play on to the future.